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PKMNC App - Rowan Burgess by Vuro PKMNC App - Rowan Burgess by Vuro
:bulletyellow: Name: Rowan Burgess
:bulletyellow: Age: 21
:bulletyellow: Birthday: December 1st
:bulletyellow: Sign: Sagittarius
:bulletyellow: Gender: Female
:bulletyellow: Nature: Bold
:bulletyellow: Pokemon / Human: Mawile
:bulletyellow: Hometown: Nacrene City
:bulletyellow: History: Alongside her two cousins, Maxwell (a quiet, mild-mannered Audino) and Roger (a rude, blunt Whimsicott), Rowan spent her childhood in Nacrene City. Nacrene, a city known for its celebration of the arts, proved to be an excellent fit for Rowan, as she discovered a passion for all things musical early in her youth. Maxwell, also an aspiring musician, encouraged her efforts and inspired her to pursue a career as either a performer or teacher.

Once Rowan completed her formal training, she found work giving private lessons to potential piano or brass players. While she was content teaching one-on-one, her real goal was to conduct a full ensemble, whether it be for an accomplished philharmonic or a school band. So, she moved to Castelia to rejoin her cousins, who'd left to pursue their own careers years before. After all, the self-described 'City of Grandeur' was bound to have the type of work she was searching for.

But, upon her arrival, Roger declared the starry-eyed, wannabe band director wouldn't survive in the big city, where she'd have to compete with several other artists chasing their dreams. "The competitions much too high." He'd asserted. "How do you plan to stand out among hundreds of others who want the same job as you do?" Maxwell, who had been forced to give up the cello and take on law school, sadly agreed. She would not be swayed, however, and swore that she would find a band that would be happy to employ her.

Unfortunately, her cousins were right. For a year, Rowan lived off odd work while doing just about everything she could to achieve her own ends. After finally realizing Castelia had defeated her, she decided to start anew in the small town of Pokette.

:bulletyellow: Hobbies: Aside from music, Rowan has an intense love of video games and putting things in her second mouth.
:bulletyellow: Job: Musician
:bulletyellow: Favorite food: The classic BLT
:bulletyellow: Favorite Berry: Mago Berry
:bulletyellow: Catchphrase: "-- Kulu"
:bulletyellow: Accessories: While she doesn't quite wear it in the traditional sense, Rowan is almost always seen carrying her baton.

:bulletyellow: Extra: Ms. Burgess obtained her scar after getting into a heated disagreement with a former employer. Rowan frequently overlooks how small she is in comparison to other Pokemon and is very willing to get into a fight with anyone threatening her. Defiant and frequently refusing to back down, Rowan has received quite a few beatings by those much bigger than she (particularly during her stay in Castelia). However, she plans to steer clear of any quarrels while she resides in Pokette.

She also has had a difficult time making friends. Rowan is a perfectionist, and that quality tends to annoy those around her and drive them away, especially those trying to learn from her. Her only friend at present is a Krookodile plush named Cash. As a kid, Rowan adored and collected plushies, but donated all of them as she neared adulthood (all except Cash, of course). It's embarrassing that she's twenty-one years old and still sleeps with a stuffed animal, but she cannot bear to part with the plush. Cash acts as a patient listener when she has no one else to confide in, and Rowan figures the plush will remain a secret as long as it stays in her room.

- Cousin, Maxwell Burgess:
- Imaginary (?) friend, Cash Mackenzie:
- Former Employer, Desmond Gilles:

- Crunch
- Sucker Punch
- Iron Defense
- Iron Head


So, :iconpkmn-crossing: was too cute to pass up. I decided to use one of my recent OC's, Rowan Burgess for the group (you can find her here: I realize some features, like the scar and brown tips of her ears, seem kind of arbitrary, but I'm trying to keep this Poke-Burgess as close to canon Burgess as I can.

EDIT: Modified her outfit somewhat when I updated her app! I feel this suits her much better. The frills had no place on this masculine lady.
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Mage-Madisaur Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaaw.  She's a cute Mawile. c:  Are you open to note rp?
lyrasta Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
she Girl.....
YaoiFreakGurl11 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011
.... dude, where do you live :U!? dont answer that'd be weird
i sound like a creeper but my band directer name is well ... Ms. Burgess. And she loves her low brass.
Vuro Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011
8U !!! Whoa, seriously?
Nah, Ms. Burgess isn't inspired by anyone in real life. Outside of Pokemon Crossing, Ms. Burgess is a low brass-happy band director who teaches in New York. I'll be utterly bewildered if your Ms. Burgess also teaches in New York! *A*
YaoiFreakGurl11 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
naaaah we have a Texas Ms. Burgess, but she is well .... Very cranky women, haha but we love her, shes a grouch but loves her low brass section.
RiverFisk Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011
HEY! You made it! -air fives- OuO
lurils Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011
I like this character design X3
she s really cool, congrats for getting in :3
Granite-Skull Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011
Glad to see another music instructor/musician in town! See you round town sometime!
Byaku-the-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011
nice char xD
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