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Cursedlocke - Badge 3, pg. 1.5d by Vuro Cursedlocke - Badge 3, pg. 1.5d by Vuro
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OK, time to elaborate on this page a bit, since I feel it's important.
So, while this has the feel of a filler comic, the details in these last four pages are actually pretty important in terms of character and future plot (that guy Max smacked with the bat? Don't forget about him too soon).

The point of these pages was to make it apparent that when Max REALLY cares about something, he becomes pretty irrational when that thing is threatened. Going around cracking people over the head with a bat is not the proper or healthy way to react to trainers having a favorite Pokemon to beat up. Max also seems to forget he's actually an enormous wimp - if that guy he assaulted had managed to punch Max just once, he would have crumpled instantly.

Also take note that Max didn't even stop to consider why N was so accepting of his violent behavior. He was too relieved to notice that N seems to have no problems with people taking extreme action against people who harm Pokemon. And Tabunne! She was perfectly comfortable telling N about what she and Max had just done. What does this say about the three of them?

(Sorry if it feels like I'm spoon-feeding you guys a lot of these developments. I just really don't want people to dismiss the happenings in these recent pages and act surprised by certain things that transpire in the future)


Jaque the Bulbasaur, Lv. 21
Earle the Pansear, Lv. 21
Tabunne the Audino, Lv. 21
Maiyu the Sewaddle, Lv. 19
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GlisteningUmbre0n610 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I like Audino's. A LOT
GlisteningUmbre0n610 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I made it through a whole whitelocke with (this is the only one in the first six to survive) an Audino with the moves charge beam, surf, heal pulse, and secret power and it was the most useful thing ever.
Vuro Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
Wow, you had a really rockin' Audino! I suppose only time will tell if Max's Audino could match up to yours.
GlisteningUmbre0n610 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Well it did give me a few scares through the run ( under 4 hp by the end of the ghetsis battle)
TGI-Zuzume Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How'd you get the bulbasaur in game, anyway?
Vuro Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
To be honest, I used PokeSAV to hack a Bulbasaur egg into the PC box shortly after getting my starter. I'd never used Bulbasaur as a starter, so I really wanted to give it a try in White! 
TGI-Zuzume Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
...I've actually been going crazy with A-save on my GBA PKMN ROMs lately.  Cool.
simperingidiot Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great message! I like that he's a little oblivious to N's radical Pokemon philosophy. Poor Audino! I liked that whole chain of updates <3
AKAmazing Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist
So funny! Really great developments, and fun to read, as well.  Can't wait for more :D
Cypher-DS Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
Le foile a deux.
Altik0 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, that's some interesting character development. And here I thought these four pages were just going to be filler, haha.
Ashen-Artistry Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I know what I would be thinking in panel

Ok time to go. Run run run 

XD love this page 
Even I it is just a filler
Eastern-Katt Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh damn, I'm watching you for some time now and I apologise for not commenting before. I adore your Nuzlocke, it's quickly becoming one of my faves. It has both outstanding art and characters, thank you so much for creating it, I always look forward to the update;3

So this couple of extra pages were really interesting. I'm most certainty surprised about Max's behaviour, I mean, I can see were does he come from, I felt sorry for Audinos on one of previous pages, but I the moment when he actually hit that one guy caught me off guard, I didn't expect that. Thanks for taking time showing this kind of stuff, that's right, it's definitely gonna pay off in some future events (I read the artist's comment, yush -w-)
I was going to say it already during his previous cameo, but I really like your N version. He's not sleazy or obviously suspicious, but he's behaviour shows that he's hiding a lot under the surface. On the other hand he's very sweet to Pokemon and I understand why Max, who's an outsider in this world, sees him as a friend.
I think there's going to be the moment, when he realises that N is too extreme in some ways, and it's going to be very heartbreaking. But that's why this comics is so good ;3

Keep up the great work and all!
Vuro Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
Aahhh, comments like these make me wish to roll around with happiness! (´;ω;`) And thank you for reading the lengthy artist's comments!

Even though Max's actions are pretty extreme in this page, I'm glad you can see he's not as extreme as N. I'm SO looking forward to Max learning what kind of person N actually is, since Max really doesn't know much about him at all, despite how fond of him he is.
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